Trust Services

Sustaining your wealth for generations

Our professionals are here to translate and educate.

Listening to you, we will help translate your wealth intentions into an actionable estate plan that meets the highest standards of excellence and fiduciary responsibility. As an independent trust administrator, our trustee services provide your family personalized institutional support and knowledge to ensure your legacy is managed prudently for the future. As your Trustee, the team at The 1911 Trust Company will represent your interests and serve as an independent fiduciary when handling the distribution of your wealth.

We follow a fiduciary standard of care and always act in our client's best interest.

When serving in the capacity of a trustee, The 1911 Trust Company carries out the provisions of the trust, investing according to prudent investment principles and administering the trust in the interests of the trust beneficiaries. Our comprehensive trust administration services include asset custody, record keeping, statement preparation, tax filing, income collection, distribution management, and bill payment.

Estate Services

Managing the settlement of an estate is often time-consuming and complex. The 1911 Trust Company helps to ensure a smooth process for the settlement of estates. Our responsibilities can include:

Why choose an independent trustee?

Many clients choose family members or friends to serve as trustees for family trusts. While this is beneficial from many perspectives, choosing a corporate trustee provides long-term continuity, support and knowledge that ensures trusts are invested and managed according to the specific requirements set forth in each trust.